The ANIC-2KL is a low cost, dual port GbE PCI Express Card designed for Host CPU offload in Network Monitoring and Precise Time Stamping applications.

The product is based on Accolade’s Advanced Packet Processor (APP) which features a scalable, pipelined architecture implemented in a state-of-the-art FPGA. The APP design allows for seamless integration of packet processing algorithms.

Target applications include Packet Capture with Precise Time Stamping and Application Timing using the Precise Time Stamping DoorBell (TSDB) Option. Software Support includes a Comprehensive API and a Linux Driver.

ANIC-2KL Features Include

  • Full height, half length 4-lane PCI Express card with 2 SFP Ports
  • 256 MB DRAM Capture Buffer
  • Full rate 2 GigE packet capture
  • Inline Packet Monitoring Support
  • Packet slicing, filtering and classification
  • Precise time stamping using TXCO clock to 8ns resolution
  • Precise Time Stamping Doorbell (TSDB) Option
  • Serial Port supports GPS and CDMA timing reference sources
  • 1 pps input and IEEE1588 (PTP) for external timing reference
  • 1 pps inter-card bus

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