About Endace

Since 2001, Endace has provided high-speed, network visibility solutions to operators of the world’s largest, most complex networks including global banks, telecommunications and mobile carriers, media and broadcast companies, health organizations, e-commerce giants, governments and defence agencies. Endace solutions deliver the actionable network data customers need for security and network performance issue identification and resolution. Endace’s 100% accurate network capture and recording allows organizations to meet regulatory and governance obligations such as security monitoring and analysis, archival and lawful intercept

Customers choose Endace products for one primary reason: they deliver, where competitor products fail. Whether it is capture accuracy, fidelity of time stamps, write-to-disk performance or speed of traffic retrieval, Endace is famous for delivering the very best performing products.

Information about our products

EndaceProbes are designed to delivering the detailed data needed to identify, investigate and resolve network security and performance issues quickly. With EndaceVision™ included, EndaceProbes offer full network visibility for SecOps and NetOps.

EndaceAccess Head end Systems visibility into to the data on 40GbE and 100GbE links. This allows them to measure, monitor and protect their networks with existing 10Gbps-capable security and monitoring tools.

EndaceCMS Central Management Server provides sophisticated, centralized command and control for an entire estate.Offering real-time health monitoring, easy configuration management and simple control of system software updates and patches for all connected Endace appliances.

Endace Netflow Generators are designed specifically to offload the work from network elements and deliver 100% accurate Netflow in the right format to the tools that need to consume it.