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Oregano Systems syn1588® PCIe NIC

Oregano Systems syn1588® PCIe NIC is a PCI Express Gbit network interface card with IEEE1588 hardware support. A PC (workstation or server) equipped with the
syn1588® PCIe NIC receives highly accurate time (accuracy 10 ns) independend from network utilization and CPU load without real-time requirements for the node’s operating system.

System Features

  • clock synchronisation accuracy better than 10 ns
  • local hardware clock and optionally synchronized system clock
  • timestamping of
    • user defined Ethernet packets
    • external (hardware) events
    • internal (software) events
  • optional interrupt on timestamp event
  • hardware support for dense timestamp events
  • generation of
    • programmable frequency
    • 1 PPS
    • pseudo GPS data stream
    • IRIG-B
  • on-board jitter-cleaner PLL allowing generation of synchronized clean, accurate high-speed clocks
  • master or slave operation
  • synchronisation in master mode to absolute time reference (e.g. GPS receiver)
  • several high precision oscillator options
  • software for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD


Application: Distribute accurate time to IEEE1588 slaves
PCs equipped with the syn1588® PCIe NIC synchronize their local hardware clock with an accuracy of 10 ns or better to the absolute time information distributed by an IEEE1588 grandmaster.


Application: Implement an IEEE1588 grandmaster
A PC equipped with the syn1588® PCIe NIC may act as an IEEE1588 Grandmaster on your network. The syn1588® PCIe NIC may synchronize its local hardware clock to an external absolute time reference like e.g. a GPS receiver.

The syn1588® PCIe NIC acts basically as a standard 10/100/1000 MBit/s Network Interface Card (NIC). Beside the standard function of sending and receiving Ethernet packets the syn1588® PCIe NIC includes dedicated hardware to implement high accuracy clock synchronization following the IEEE1588 standard.

The syn1588® PCIe NIC includes a full featured IEEE1588 hardware clock as well as complex timestamping hardware. All time critical elements of an IEEE1588 system are embedded in the syn1588® PCIe NIC thus removing all timing constraints from the software. There are no real-time requirements for the operating system or the software stack. Due to its special structure the CPU load for the required IEEE1588 stack (e.g. Oregano Systems syn1588® PTP Stack) is negligible.

Application Notes

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