Oregano VMS

The syn1588® VMS

The syn1588® VMS is a multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy data acquisition system, dedicated to analyze the synchronization performance of nodes using different means of synchronization mechanisms like PTP or NTP.

The syn1588® VMS (Visual Measurement System) is designed for observing, comparing and analyzing of 1 PPS signals. Up to 22 channels can be analzed in parallel.

The syn1588® VMS uses the well-known syn1588® PCIe NIC as the 1 PPS capture card capable of measuring of up to 22 input channels. The syn1588® 1 PPS capture card handles all inputs simultaneously. Each input is capable of sampling signal transitions at a resolution of 4 ns.

The syn1588®VMS is capable of analyzing and displaying the offset between all 1 PPS signals. It continuously updates the mean value, standard deviation, and maximum and minimum value respectively. On a per channel basis it is possible to set alarms triggering events whenever the offset of a channel exceeds a predefined boundary. This allos to use the syn1588® VMS as an online monitoring or analysis tool. There are additional data analysis functions like MTIE, ADEV, and TDEV available as well.

In the last three years the syn1588®VMS system has been successfully used 1588 plugfests held at the ISPCS to verify the clock synchronisation accuracy of the IEEE1588 nodes from different vendors.

The syn1588® VMS comes in two different flavors:

  • syn1588® VMS: 22 channels, 2 HE 19 “ rack-mount server
  • syn1588® VMS light: 5 channels, 1 HE 19 “ rack-mount server

System Features

  • Multi-channel 1 PPS offset measurement system
  • 4 ns resolution
  • +/-4 ns accuracy
  • 22 channels
  • 50 Ohm termination and ESD protection on every channel
  • LVCMOS levels required
  • Minimum pulse width 50 ns
  • Maximum pulse width 500 ms
  • User configurable real-time graphic display of 1 PPS signals
  • User configurable real-time graphic display MITE, TDEV, and ADEV
  • Separate data and histogram files generated per channel for external post processing
  • Online statistical data (mean value and standard deviation)
  • Online monitoring and checking of input data
  • Alert function (e.g. via email) with user defineable boundaries for each input
  • Online channel status display
  • Channel management via configuration file
  • Web-based remote display of 1 PPS offset

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